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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yet another day.
Forgiveness...I've forgiven, but will it be taken for granted? I hope it won't.

So, I woke up at around 1 in the noon and brushed up after that. As usual and typical, I switched on my computer as the 2nd thing to do for the day(The first was to wake up and brush up).Photobucket After 3 hours of slacking, I went to start mugging till 5 and was revising on Chemistry and have learnt what is "Cations" and "Anions" and I found out that I've already learnt it last year just that they're using another difficult term to describe it. Photobucket

After mugging, I went to take a cold shower since I was sweating here and there. Photobucket Not to mention that I ate around 1 full plate of sushis because I have to take my medicines and after taking it, I'm feeling very drowsy now but I don't really feel like turning in for the day just yet. Photobucket

Getting back to the main point ; should I forgive my close friend, who has insulted me till to the extend whereby I can't take the blow? I guess I won't due to the fact that I've used a relationship as "money" and paid it to see someone whom I've regarded as a "close" friend's true self. I won't mind losing another friend for a valid reason, but after what had happened to my another friend...I've learnt to cherish my current pals more but at certain point of time I just can't. Either they've done something wrong which is a big blow to me, or I just feel that they're not the type of person who I can regard as a friend of mine.

After going through what had happened, it has taught me a valuable lesson ; To cherish someone when they're still here, don't wait till the last minute when they're gone then you start cherishing. It's already too late by then.

Am I being pathetic? Why am I even missing someone who doesn't miss me at all? Heh, what a joke. Photobucket I have always asked myself this question "Where should I go? Which path should I take? Should I take the left where nothing is right or the right where nothing is left?".Photobucket Sometimes, it's not the person you miss...but it's feelings and moments you had when you were with them. Make sense doesn't it...? Photobucket

Hopefully someday...I'll see you someday again in the clouds...

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