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Ujelly, bro? *Insert Troll Face*

Friday, April 30, 2010

Blog updated with Self-Introduction on the right-hand side...

Seems like my blog is dead again T_T~


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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All AuditionSEA's emoticons added!
Not all PangyaSEA's emoticons are added for now...-.-"! ( E.g. (hoho) (sob) )
All emoticons like /heh, /o.o....has been added!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thanks to my friend for my new banner! It's so sexy and nice. =X

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lol...seems like I don't like to blog again. =\

*Face Palm*...actually wanna wake up at 8am to browse through some of my documents and work, end up i woke up at 12...because I'm way too tired yesterday as I went out with my friends till 8+ then I reached home...LOL. Today, my tuition start at 2.30PM and it just ended not long ago...and my dad came home. =\

The first thing my dad said was..."Did you cut your hair?!" and I replied him "Yes..-.-" then he said "Orly? Doesn't seem like you have cut it...-__-"...then I reply him.."Got means got la...-.-". -_-X
Gonna browse through my documents later on after i take a quick shower...kinda hot today eh...hope will rain like few days ago...storm...very cold!! <333333...oh yea, I gotta cut my hair...AGAIN...but, good thing is...I only gotta cut my Side burns! ;DD

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Quiz took from Cherlyn's blog..let see what is my result, shall we? =X

[x] Slept in class
[x] Talked in class
[x] Not seating at your own place in class
[x] Scolded by a teacher
[x] Litter the classroom
[ ] Did not do your homework at least 15 times
[x] Submitted your homework late at least 10 times
[ ] Came late for school at least 10 times
[ ] Brought/wore home clothes without school's permission(fbt shorts)
[ ] Brought/wore jewellery to school
[ ] Did not pay attention in class for at least 60% of the time
[x] Cried out "sian" or "wa lao wei" to the teacher
[x] Plucked a flower/ killed a plant
[x] Copied other people's homework in desperation
[x] Played a trick on your classmates/teacher

Total so far: 10

Level 2:

[x] Sent for detention class
[x] Ate in class
[x] Not wearing your school uniform (if you have) properly
[x] Shouted at the top of your voice during lesson time
[x] Scolding vulgarities in class
[x] Spotted hairstyle deemed unacceptable by the school
[x] Used a school facility without school's permission
[ ] Played soccer/basketball or any other sports in classroom
[ ] Singing loudly during lesson
[x] walking around the class aimlessly during lesson time
[x] Did not greet the teacher properly
[ ] Went to the toilet during lesson time without permission
[ ] Played a trick on the teacher during april fools
[ ] Used the teacher's table as a rubbish dump
[ ] Made yourself a nuisance to the teacher

Total so far: 10+9=19
Level 3:

[x] Was asked to stay back after school/ break time
[ ] Made a fool out of morning assembly
[ ] Wasted the school's toilet paper
[x] Sabotaged someone
[x] Irritated someone

Total so far: 19+3=22

Level 4:

[] Forged your parent's signature
[ ] Forged a classmate's signature
[ ] Forged a teacher's signature
[ ] Made rude remarks to the school cleaners in front of them
[ ] Flew a paper aeroplane down from the school's highest store

Total so far: 22+0=22

Level 5:

[x] Fiddling with your handphone during lesson time
[ ] Played with your PSP in class
[ ] Using school computer to play games without a teacher's permission
[x] Listened to music in school
[ ] Messed with the teacher's pigeon hole

Total so far: 22+2=24

Level 6:

[x] Vandalising with school property
[ ] Tried to defame your school in public
[ ] Used the internet to scold teachers
[x] Fought with someone in school
[ ] Shoplifted in school

Total so far: 24+2=26

Level 7:

[x] Cheated in a test
[ ] Cheated in a school examination
[ ] Cheated for your PSLE/ GCE 'O' or 'A' Level Examination
[x] Lied to your teacher
[ ] Played truancy for hall assemblies/ specific lessons

Total so far: 26+2=28

Level 8:

[ ] Took drugs in school
[ ] Smoked in school
[ ] Set fire to something in school
[ ] Locked the teacher out of the classroom
[ ] Played truancy just after coming to school just to take attendance

Total so far: 28+0=28

Level 9:

[ ] Refused to pay school fees
[ ] Cheated the school money
[ ] Stole things which belonged to the school
[x] Bullied someone in school
[ ] Pranked called your school

Total so far: 28+1=29

Level 10:

[ ] Raised your voice/shouted against a student leader
[ ] Raised your voice/shouted against a teacher
[ ] Raised your voice/shouted against your discipline master/mistress
[ ] Raised your voice/shouted against your vice-principal
[ ] Raised your voice/shouted against your principal

Total so far: 29+0=29

Level 11:

[ ] Brought weapons to the school
[ ] Brought real firearms to the school
[ ] Brought a real bomb to the school
[ ] Fired a real weapon in the school with the motive to frighten/kill
[ ] Dressed up as a terrorist in school

Grand total: 29+0=29!!!

If you are between:
0-15 - I am a good student
16-20 - I am a good student but with occasional trouble
21-30 - I am an average student
31-40 - I am a bad student
41-50 - I am a very bad student
51-60 - I should have been caned by the discipline master
61-65 - I should have been expelled from school
66-75 - I should have been sent to a reformatory

WTF..I'm expecting 66...=X

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Ahh! I'm reached home at 6.30pm...quite tired after watching the Final competition between PSS VS St. Hildas. It was a surprise that one of my Maple pal was from ST. Hildas...lol. -_-"!
Anyway, not gonna post much today..nothing much interesting happened in my life for awhile already...=\ Oh ya...WTF! I got caught for having long hair! ;wild

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