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Friday, April 15, 2011

I won't let destiny take control over my life but instead, it's the time to take control of my own destiny and create the life I want.Photobucket
So far so good, I did pretty "well" for my Term 1...50% pass as well as 50% failure which made up of 3 passed and failed subjects. Photobucket

Went to the Health Promotion Board for a scheduled check-up today and found out that my spine wasn't that serious in terms of curving...et cetera. Photobucket
When I was waiting at the registration counter to fill up some forms for X-Ray, I saw this particular piece of message pasted up onto the wall and it says "Don't quit! Because obstacles are the stepping stones to success!" and I was deeply motivated by it. Photobucket

You might think that I'm not aware of even a single thing, but actually I'm very well aware of what's going on around me. There's no need to lie, no need to hide, as I look into your eyes. Photobucket
Though I'm feeling deeply insulted by someone who was once my close friend, but I've never thought of arguing over the comments as it wasn't worth it. I'd rather be ignorant and treat it as nothing has happened so we might or will go back to the way it was in the past...Photobucket
I saw, I read, I thought, I assumed...and I suffered. The feeling of going through this kind of "ordeal" isn't good at all or should I phrase it in the way that it sucks to the core of the Earth.

I forgive easily but I won't forget...though that someone might not deserve it but how long will it last? How much trust can I put on them? How can I rely on them in the future when I need help? Will they treat me the way I'm treating them now? What's with all the "Treat others how you want to be treated"? It doesn't seems true to me or is all this just purely my imaginations and assumptions? Sometimes you don't know you've crossed a line until the other side and by then, it's already too late to realize it. I announced the "closure" of the first chapter of my life...but somehow something is missing and I can't close it just yet. Photobucket I said that I won't think anymore about it and to focus on my goals, but yet, I still search for quotes, songs...and even shows which remind me of the good time we had in the past, but it's now no longer the same and it will be as if I'd never existed before.

How I wish I can get out of this "ordeal" but yet, I can't. There's a story behind every person, and a reason why they're the way they are, they aren't just like that because they want to, but it's something in the past created them and sometimes it's really impossible to fix them.

Hopefully I'll see you someday again in the clouds...

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