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Friday, January 21, 2011

Updated 2 new songs in my MixPod

Both by Wang Lee Hom:
心跳(Heart Beat) & 你不知道的事

Nothing much interesting happened throughout the 3 weeks of my life in school, in my new class.Photobucket Hopefully, someone in my class will learn to grow up throughout the year otherwise he's no difference from any other Sec1-2 students.Photobucket Yes, I can see that my PoA teacher isn't that happy with me because I complained him to someone for his inconsiderable action.Photobucket But still...what can I do? Suck my thumb and live on with it. Photobucket

Finally, something big happened today. My close pal's god sister actually stirred some trouble with me. I ain't affected because I was slightly, or should I say....a little bit irritated by her flamings but still, it's not up to my standard YET. She can still improve, but I doubt she will.

What happened was...I called her a XMM(Xiao Mei Mei which stands for Little Girl)Photobucket, and she got pissed off and told me off. So, I gave up at that point of time and went to CSI out more information about her. The result was that, she is indeed YOUNGER than me. Photobucket

Shall post next time. Time to own the XMM! PhotobucketPhotobucket

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