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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Arrived in Singapore 2 days ago. Photobucket
Set off from my Aunt's house in KL, Cheras at around 2.30pm...reached Johor at around 6pm. We'd have reached even earlier but thanks to a idiot lady driver, we met with a small accident when we're just 20KM away from the customs.Photobucket Argued and debated with that lady till she had nothing more to say and threatened to report. I told her just to go ahead...we'll have our own reports too! Photobucket
Reached home, bathe...and did the usual things. Photobucket Yesterday, I went out with my Aunt and Cousin and bought 2 Adult EZ Link cards for them...just in case they need it in the future when they visit Singapore again. We then went to a temple near my school...and I don't even know there was a temple till yesterday. Photobucket Went in to SSRR...and left for Pasir Ris Park. Photobucket
Took Bus 3 from P.Int and alighted at Downtown East. Who cares what had happened there? As long as I'll have fun, it's alright. Photobucket Went to rent 3 bikes for 1 hour...and cycled throughout the entire park. Saw a few cute doggies. Photobucket. After cycling, we returned the bike and went to White Sand. Took the MRT all the way down to Outram Park and switched to the Purple Line. Photobucket Then all the way down to HabourFront...Photobucket Went to the 3rd floor of VivoCity...and took the Sentosa Express Train to WaterFront station. Photobucket Went to SSRR...and went back to VivoCity and then we headed home. By the time we reached Compass Point, it was already near to 8pm. Photobucket Took Bus 87 back home, bathed and switched on the Comp.
At 10.30pm, we went out again to buy the Parking Coupon(But didn't bought it in the end Photobucket) as well as guiding my aunt how to drive to the Woodlane Checkpoint. Drove back to the Car Park and slept in the car for 1 hour as it only requires 8 coupons...just nice. Photobucket
Got off the car at 12.20pm and went home. Cousin cooked 2 packets of noodles for me...mmmm it's nice. Photobucket I was still freaking hungry that I ate 5 breads and a cup of milo after that. Photobucket
Went to bed...and my relatives just left for Woodlane CP not long ago. Hopefully I'll be able to see them in June anytime. Photobucket

Till next time...Photobucket

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