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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

*Rewinds time back to yesterday morning*

Woke up at around 9am and prepared to go out at 12pm. Met up with Eugene at Compass Point, follow by Ck & Navin at West Plaza to take 39 somewhere near Yishun MRT Station. Photobucket
After that, we walked to a bus stop...and took bus 811(If I'm not wrong), to somewhere near and outside of Yishun OCC. When we alighted at the stop, we realized we had to walk a long distance...PhotobucketWalked about 30minutes, reached Yishun OCC and went to find Stamford. Just in time, he was checking in and doing the necessaries. We went to swim once we've checked in...Photobucket I can't really swim without a goggle, so I had to borrow Stamford's one. Photobucket After that, Nahvin told us the girls were on their way, the 4 of us, Stam, CK, Eugene and me, went and hide behind the rocks...and when they arrived....you should know what we have done.Photobucket
Swim for less than an hour, we washed up and went back to the hotel room and had our lunch. I got surprized that Stam's mother actually allows him to drink red wine...so he opened up 2 bottles and we drank a few cups...I felt very hot after awhile...and the rest said my face were so red, that they thought I was drunk. Photobucket
Play play play...eat eat eat...tour tour tour...walk walk walk...till 6pm and we went to the bowling alley. I losed...the ball wasn't as good as I thought...Photobucket 2 matches of bowling ended at around 730pm, the girls went home...left us, the only boys around. We headed back to the chalet and Eugene and I had decided to stay over night. Thus, I went back to Pasir Ris along with Eugene and CK, and took 89 back home from there. Finished packing my stuffs for the night and tomorrrow(Today)'s CCA, called up my cousin to inform her about my flight(Today), and went to Compass to meet up with Eugene. Photobucket

Reached Yishun MRT at 11pm, boarded the shuttle bus to Yishun OCC and waited for Stamford at the bowling alley till 12am when he arrived from his home. Photobucket Went back to the chalet, Eugene bathed first, follow by me and the 3 of us went to bed...I intended to sleep on the floor, it's so cooling. Photobucket
The next morning, Stamford woke up at 6am to wake Eugene up, but he fell asleep again and so does Eugene. I woke at 650, woke both of them up and we went to brush up and Stam's mother brought us to a Kopitiam to have our breakfast. After that, bid farewell to Stam and his mother and I went off with Eugene as it's still as early as 8am when our CCA only starts at 9. We met up with Teck Heng at 830am sharp in Compass point while I'm having my cup noodles. Photobucket
Went to school, and to CCA as for usual. Didn't did much training today due to the lack of amount of tables and the friendly match in the afternoon which I think the seniors should be training more on instead of trainees like me. CCA ended at 12, went to the Canteen and had fried rice + nuggets, believed to be cooked by both Mr Khoo and Ms Teo...and at 1pm, the team left for the friendly match and I bid farewell, and went back home to pack my stuffs.

Reached home, packed my stuffs, bathed and waited for my cousin to come and fetch me. My cousin reached at around 340pm, 2 of my other small cousins followed along to the Changi A. and we had lunch there after checking in. The pasta was way toooo spicy Photobucket but the Pizza was nice!Photobucket
Look at the time, we went to the departure hall and took a few pictures before entering. I coughed when the officer was checking my passport and he said "Coughing is it?"...I don't even know what to reply him...and my cousin replied instead. Photobucket Proceeded onto stage 2, whereby we have give the officer our passport...and the officer asked why's my hair so long...obviously it's long since it's a holiday right now...Photobucket Stage 2 done, went to gate D32 and waited for the gate to be open. Sadly, it was delayed by an hour...the gate was supposed to open at 530pm, but ends up at 615pm instead. Departure time delayed from 630pm to 715pm instead. Photobucket
Boarded the plane, asked one of the air stewardess where's my seat...and my seat was just right beside the spot I was asking her. Photobucket Placed my bags on the shelves and buckled up...the flight was quite...boring....didn't managed to get some sleep as it was only an hour flight. Photobucket
Reached KL at around 810pm, met up with my mother awhile later and went back to my Aunt's house(Where I am now), on the PC, bathe and typing this now.

Okay, will be signing off for the night...shall post next time...

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