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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It has been 3 days since I returned from Malaysia after a 2 weeks vacation. I enjoyed quite a bit over there but did nothing much though.

"Sleep >> Wake up >> Brush up >> On Laptop >> Lunch >> Laptop >> Dinner >> Laptop >> Supper(sometimes)>> Sleep"

And the cycle continues...for 2 weeks but I did went out for a few days.

Came back to Singapore, and both good and bad things happened at the same time. Not sure what are the good things but I'm sure of myself, there's something bad which had happened. Well, it's inevitable...I still got to face the facts.

Today's class outing was fine, but not as fun as the few last outings...I didn't really get to enjoy my day today even though most of my friends attended it. Don't even have the appetite to eat...but I still managed to eat some Teriyaki and a bowl of rice. Went to bowling after that...my standard has dropped...-_-X!

Went out of the bowling alley to discuss what we're gonna do next after the rest had finished eating at Seoul Garden. They were discussing and I thought "Since you all want to cycle, why not go to the park now instead of talking so much here, wasting your own time?". -_-X
So, I went ahead to the park...and I completed almost 2/4 of the park and I returned back to rent an hour of bike. -_-X

Went off with Ck, Brian, Xun Wei & Stam after cycling to Elias...but I've decided to went home as Wei kai left his EZ-Link with Stam and I can also pass it to him on the way.

Guess I went home tooo early today. Actually want to take a stroll, alone, in the pasir ris park...or any other parks to calm and chill myself down...I need a peace and quiet environment...but too bad, a downpour occurred.

Came home, talked with my few working partners, discussed about some things, planned somethings...and finally went to bathe at around 830pm.

Now...all I can do is...

1. Breathe.
2. FB
3. MSN

Going to sleep at around 1 or 2. Having table tennis tomorrow...and I find it kind of useless and the coach don't even bother training the 4 of us (Teck,Zun,Eug & Me). -_-X!

Seeya and goodnight. Shall post next time.

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