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Thursday, October 28, 2010

28th of October 2010, marks the day of the separation of class 2N4'10.
I would like to thanks everyone for giving me lots of wonderful and enjoyable moment throughout the past 2 years with fun and laughter. Well, everything's going to change next year and not all of us will be in the same class as we're, this year. Thanking ZunLong, Xunwei, Sam, Stamford, Desmond, Eugene, Dave, Hai Kang, Teck Heng for being such a good brother throughout the past 2 years! Tiong xim brother forever! =X

Thanks JH for being such a good sister to me, Cherlyn and Gloria for being such a good "brother" and sister to me despite making names for me such as Horny Baka...it sure brings back memories if someone should calls me that in the future, oh and I'll also remember those birthday bashes you girls gave me even though my birthday's already over, Micah for calling me "Hornieeeee" with that kind of irritating tone when I'm not even horny, and all girls who bashed me up for no reasons. Lastly, want to thank someone whom it may seems to be special to me, but i won't reveal who he/she is. :) Thank you all and...you all will be dearly missed.

Well, life has to move on. Thanks 2N4'10 for changing my ways of life as I was once a....."bad boy"? =)

Last but not least, thanking Ms Farah for being our Form Teacher throughout the year and Ms Lin for teaching us maths since June till today!

Thank you all for making my life, a wonderful one to a fare thee well! <3

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