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Friday, September 3, 2010

It has been awhile ever since I last blogged. Let's look back at the date and the last time I blogged was 7th of August 2010. Hmm...it has already been approximately a month. :)

Living life as for normal, just some things happened...be it good or bad, most of it are good things and things which I've hoped for. Hmm. Holiday has started, bunch of homework are given and I'm not sure on whether how my September holiday will be like. Will it be a week for me to brush up my work or to brush up my work and enjoy playing at the same time? X.X.

My FT is currently MIA don't know for what particular reason and my Co.FT is back from her "vacation". A few teachers I know have already left PSS and that sucks. o.o!

If one day you feel like crying... call me.. I can't promise that I will make you laugh... but I can cry with you..
If one day you want to run away.. Don't be afraid to call me, I don't promise to ask you to stop.. But... I can run with you...
If one day you don't want to listen to anybody.. call me and I promise to be very quiet
But if one day, you call me and I'm not there, come fast to see me... perhaps I may need you...

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