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Ujelly, bro? *Insert Troll Face*

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today is my first Exam Paper which is the English Paper.

Woke up at 6.20AM in the morning and went to the toilet like a dead zombie....brush up and took a shower and had my breakfast at 6:45AM. Left my house at 6:55PM and took Bus 85 to school while SMSing one of my friend and reached school at 7:27AM...kinda late already eh? However, the gate is still opened! =X.

After assembly, all of us went back to class to have 1 hour of revision. To my surprise, some one in my class "stole" my chair...and I know who is it. *Face palm*
Dave and I went around the whole school, looking for chairs...but all failed. We thought that there are plenty of chairs in the Art room, so we ran to the art room instead...on the way, we met Mr Sham...*Shiver*. =X
Reached Art Room...*WTF!?!!!!*, the door is locked. -_-"!
Ran back to class and saw Mr Sham outside and he told me and dave to go to the General Office to find the OM...luckily, there were 4 chairs left in the General Office....both of us took it and ran back to class...was sweating badly eh...-_-"!
1st Paper started at 8:30AM and ended at around 10:15AM. I did Question 5 for my Compo and I wrote about the Event organized by AsiaSoft last year during Christmas....=X!!!

2nd Paper started at 11AM...ended around 12:40PM, SecA was kinda easy...as well as the Summary and Compo. LOL!

After exams, we all went home...but some of us slacked awhile in the class....
Suddenly, Eccleshia and Larissa(I think...), came towards me and gave me another birthday bash although my birthday was already over LOL!

Eccleshia, you "raped" $55 of my pocket!!!! T___________T!!!

Last but not least, FACE PALM! D;!!!

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